New Help for Victims of Violence at Home; A Father Whose Daughter Was Beaten by Her Bullying Husband Inspires a Fresh Approach to Domestic Cruelty

Article excerpt

DOMESTIC violence has hit the headlines in the last few weeks.

First Bill actor Shaun Scott admitted battering his wife Caroline, punching her in the face and leaving her with a black eye.

And then EastEnders featured a shocking storyline with Grant becoming abusive and violent to wife Tiffany.

And while it may have blown over somewhat, who can forget the infamous Coronation Street scene where bully Jim McDonald punched wife Liz in the face?

Now a Birmingham charity is tackling the problem head on with a new project. WAITS Women Acting in Todays Society is launching a new support group for the families of victims of domestic violence.

Today the Sunday Mercury takes a look at the effect of household violence on the victims, survivors and the people around them.

JACK almost lost his daughter Julie to her bullying husband forever.

Because Julies husband cut her off from all family and friends and forbade her to see them.

Jack was forced to watch as his daughter pulled away from him and became distant.

She started to miss her weekly visits and was never available when he rang. Eventually he had to cope with the pain of his own daughter asking him not to see her again.

And he had no choice but to comply because he secretly knew that her husband would beat her if he ever went around to visit.

For three long torturous years Jack, aged 67, and wife Mary had no contact with Julie, never knowing where she was and fearing she was lying hurt and alone somewhere.

The couple never even knew they had grandchildren.

And they never even knew when Julie finally plucked together enough courage to leave her bullying husband.

Julie feared she had ruined their relationship so instead of running to her parents, she went to a refuge with her three children. …