IT'S A DATE; JARVIS COCKER September 19, 1963

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Common People: The gangly pop-star's birth was a "wonderful mistake", says his mum Christine, who was then a 21-year-old art student married to musician Mark Cocker. When Jarvis was seven, his dad left Sheffield for Australia. Christine took a job emptying fruit machines to support Jarvis and his sis. The no-nonsense mum still expects her son to do the dishes when he goes home.

ROCK BOTTOM: He started his band Pulp when he was 16 because he thought it would help him to attract girls - it didn't. He signed on the dole and kept playing. After 15 years, a lesser man might have packed it in. But then his witty lyrics finally caught on and the album Common People made him a superstar.

DIFFERENT CLASS: He once ended up in a wheelchair after falling 30ft off a window ledge while trying to impress a girl. In 1996, he ended a long-term relationship, after a fling with a make-up artist. Now blonde Hollywood actress Chloe Sevigny is his new girlfriend.

PULP FRICTION: He doesn't like Michael Jackson - he mooned at him during the Brit Awards. Nor does he like the Spice Girls, supermarkets or Tories - even though his mum's one. But he must like women's mags. He spent pounds 2,000 at auction to buy each issue of Nova printed between 1965 and 1976. …