Mass Murder Theory of Poisoned Curry Deaths

Article excerpt

Police said yesterday they believe a cyanide poisoning incident in western Japan that killed four people was an attempted mass slaying.

"We're still investigating all possibilities, including chances of an accident, but it appears the possibility of the case being a murder is strong," a police spokesman said.

Four people died and 42 were in hospital with cyanide poisoning on Sunday after eating curry and rice at a summer festival in Wakayama Prefecture, 280 miles west of Tokyo.

The four people who died on Saturday night and Sunday morning were a 10-year-old boy, a girl aged 16 and two men aged 53 and 64.

Post-mortems confirmed cyanide poisoning as the cause of death in at least three of the four cases.

Police said the curry was prepared in two large pots in the garage of a local resident and in a smaller pot at a nearby home and then carried to the site of the festival, several hundred metres away.

Curry in the smaller pot and one of the larger pots was not eaten after people at the festival became ill, but no cyanide was found in these. …