Marvels of Math: Fascinating Reads and Awesome Activities

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Marvels of Math: Fascinating Reads and Awesome Activities, gr. 4-10, Kendall Haven, 1998. xii + 172 pp., $21.50 paper. ISBN 1-56308-585-2. Teacher Ideas Press, P.O. Box 6633, Englewood, CO 80155-6633, (800) 237-6124.

This collection brings together sixteen delightful stories about different mathematicians and their discoveries. Haven's experience as a storyteller is evident in his collection. The stories are written so that the reader can understand the difficulties of the time and the trials of the mathematicians. The stories encompass many mathematical concepts, including probability, number machines, number systems, calculus, and geometry. They span the time from Pythagoras in 520 B.C. to the more recent story of Grace Hopper in 1944. The stories realistically portray female mathematicians in their struggles to be recognized. Each story includes an introduction, definition of terms, and activities related to the mathematical concept. The stories are well researched and accurate in content, and they explain theories concisely. Students will enjoy having the stories read to them and participating in discussions about the stories. …