Understanding Geometry

Article excerpt

Understanding Geometry, gr. K-3, Kathy Richardson, 1999. Blackline masters, ix + 157 pp., $21.95 paper. Published by Lummi Bay distrib. By DIDAX, 395 Main St., Rawley, MA 019691207, (800) 458-0024.

This book is the first in a series focusing on different topics in elementary school mathematics The author's premise is that "children must understand important core mathematical concepts . . . that are elaborated upon, expanded, refined, and deepened over time" (p. iv).

To help teachers improve their own understanding of the concepts, the book's introductory section contains background information about the ideas in the book. For example, this section briefly describes the van Hiele levels of geometric thinking to help readers understand this theory about how children develop their geometric reasoning.

The activities move from free exploration to more directed activities using various materials. The author encourages teachers to use whatever materials they have and not to be concerned if they do not have all the materials listed. …