This Is What They Push at Our Children Now ... How Much Worse Will It Be If Clause 28 Is Scrapped?; BROUGHT TO BOOK: College under Fire after It Is Revealed They Are Training Our Teachers of the Future How to Tell Their Pupils All about Homosexuality

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TRAINEE teachers in Scotland are being actively encouraged to promote homosexuality, it was claimed yesterday.

Campaigners against the repeal of Clause 28 said sex education courses at the main teaching college - Jordanhill in Glasgow - gave a dangerous and distorted view of family life.

The Christian Institute said students were told to engage pupils in classroom discussions about gay sex and were trained to answer questions such as "What is a rent boy?"

The institute joined the debate as it was revealed that many councils and health boards are already heavily involved in programmes to support homosexual groups and campaigns.

And there are fears the amount of pro-gay material available to teachers and pupils will explode if Clause 28 is repealed.

But there are already grave concerns over the sex education advice given to our teachers of the future by Jordanhill, which is part of Strathclyde University.

A report by the Christian Institute said: "The university trains teachers to overcome their moral inhibitions when discussing these subjects. It warns them that unless they get to grips with sexual language and slang words it may be 'an insurmountable barrier when working with young people'."

It added: "Prospective primary teachers are trained to tackle questions such as 'What is a Rent Boy?', 'What does f*** mean?' and 'What is a lesbian?'. Strathclyde University even advocates that teachers should help young people to appreciate different ways of improving their sexual technique and expanding their knowledge of the range of practices they might engage in."

The report went on: "The sex education course gives children a distorted and incomplete view of sex."

The institute also criticise two study guides endorsed by Jordanhill as "core resources" for teachers.

The books, Knowing Me, Knowing You and Taught Not Caught, give guidance on how sex education should be taught.

The institute say Knowing Me Knowing You, includes detailed guidance on how to teach youngsters about masturbation, telling children it is "very exciting indeed".

Their strongest criticism is reserved for Taught Not Caught, which is aimed at older pupils.

Their report said: "The emphasis on homosexuality pervades much of the book. One lesson involves inviting a homosexual person to come in and answer the children's questions about homosexuality.

"Discussion sheets on the subjects of masturbation, lesbianism, male homosexuality and bisexuality only give statements which affirm the validity of each of those activities."

Strathclyde University declined to comment on the institute's report.

The institute are unhappy about the law as it stands now - even without the repeal of Clause 28.

Spokesman Iain Bainbridge accused health boards and some councils of taking advantage of a loophole in the law which allows material to be published in the interests of public health.

And he said repeal would give the green light to extreme groups to publish even more material.

Mr Bainbridge said: "The health promotion exception has been ruthlessly exploited. A lot of money has been ploughed into publishing material which would normally be banned and which is available to young people.

"Because of that, not only should Clause 28 remain in place, but it should be extended to include health authorities."

At the moment, there is a wide variation across Scotland in the way public bodies deal with information on homosexuality.


The city council give financial support to gay rights and welfare groups and support the repeal of Clause 28, which they have branded "discriminatory".

The education department include the controversial Taught not Caught book on their recommended reading list for teachers, but a spokeswoman said parents' opinions were crucial to developing their policy on sex education. …