Astrology Colours Life through the Ages

Article excerpt

IT is exciting enough that we're entering a new century, never mind a brand new millennium. Awesome, isn't it?

Astrology is many millenniums old, though, with records definitely tracing back over at least 17 millenniums.

There are also indications of early civilisations with astrological tools, reaching back a staggering 30,000 years. So, you see, astrology is almost as old as time itself.

My own interest stems from when I began to study astrology as a hobby at the age of 18.

But I started to study it much more seriously around the age of 22, after I was told that I would become a professional and well-known astrologer by a kind and gentle man whose only interest was to encourage mine.

For the next 14 years, I continued to study, to teach and to write for the various and multi-faceted astrological publications. I then became editor of a magazine linking astrologers across Scotland and that was really such fun.

I gave talks, helped to raise funds for good causes and I never really thought of making it my profession until the kids were a little less dependent.

But, suddenly, I seemed to be giving constant consultations to people and it all seemed to be going incredibly well.

I wanted to be able to help people through rough times, not to forecast terrifying events which go 100 per cent against every code of ethics in astrology.

So I took my qualifications - which you can now do to various levels right here in Scotland thanks to the wonderful Scottish School of Astrology, which is based in Edinburgh and run by Jane Ridder-Patrick. (Details on request with SAE, or else e-mail Jane at

My husband encouraged me to open an office and then I started to work for local radio and for various smaller newspapers. …