Taken to Task over Violence

Article excerpt

A SPECIAL task force should help woman who suffer domestic violence, said a report today.

Nicola Harwin, national coordinator for Women's Aid Federation of England, said: "Living with or escaping from domestic violence affects all aspects of women's lives - their safety, health, housing, income, work opportunities, and relationships with chi ldren, family and friends.

"Domestic violence is therefore a priority for action across a range of Government departments and agencies.

"We need a much more strategic and determined approach by the Government which sends a clear message that domestic violence is unacceptable."

As many as one in four women will experience domestic violence at some stage in their lives, and, on average, two women are killed every week by violent partners or ex-partners, the charity said.

The report urged a range of Government departments, including the Home Office and Department for Education and Employment, to take part in helping to develop and put into practice plans for a five to 10-year national strategy to protect women from physi cal, sexual or emotional abuse in their own homes. …