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GET involved with the web, it can only benefit your business.

The industrial revolution put an engine room into industry, and fed it with coal and steam.

Today we are witnessing a new revolution - the Internet revolution - and the advantages it brings are just as powerful.

Powered by technology, the Internet is a power grid for of information, enabling it to flow between businesses, supplier and customers.

If your business is facing the challenge of e-business, take a moment to consider what you could achieve by embracing the Internet revolution.

A web site can, for example, be a channel for marketing messages, detailed product or service information and support, developing customer-suppler relationship records, forums for questions, answers and discussions, or even services that are themselves based on - or composed of - information. And this information can be verbal, aural or visual, static or interactive.

Unlike traditional media, the Web is a two-way channel: with database integration, your web visitors can interact directly with your company - not just your web site. They can search detailed information about your services, and update your records about them, their interests and the history of your dealings with them.

Your web site can feed from and update your own internal systems, extending your internal processes and integrating with them - not just promoting them. It can also use customer information to tailor their view of your site - and your services - on their next visit.

As with any addition to your business, the level of investment is down to you, but it is important to ensure that the initial web site you develop can grow into the web site that you will need in the future.

Start by putting the power of the Internet at the heart of what you do so that it can drive you into the future and transform many aspects of your business - inside and out. Wherever you're heading, make sure your web site is the right place to start.

A web site can do more than just market your service, it can help you to provide it. e-business means more than on-line selling, the web can support many transactions beyond the simply financial, and it can support them across the world 24 hours a day.

With database integration, your web premises can boast the very latest in modern conveniences. So don't stop at putting information about your company on the web, put your company on the Web.

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By Simon Wade

Simon Wade

E.commerce makes life much easier

Special Report

BUSINESSES are changing. A revolution is taking place in the way companies communicate with their customers and suppliers.

The time to make that change is now. Companies have to change or risk being left behind.

While the changes required are radical, they are achievable. Even the most modest businesses now use computers as a matter of routine.

Many of those computers are networked together. Now, with the development of the Internet companies can change the way they communicate with their business community. New business methods can be introduced quickly and in an affordable way.

Success is not just about having the right product. Today's competitive edge comes from having the right product available at the right time and in the right place. Customers' expectations of service, quality and support are getting more demanding. The pace of business is quickening and the business world is getting smaller.

Until recently, creating a global electronic business capability was for the large corporate organisations.

The 'extended enterprise' has become the norm in large businesses. Much of their internal and external business communication is now being done electronically using the Internet or dedicated intranet or extranets. …