STORM OVER SEX FIENDS' RELEASE; No Supervision for Violent Men

Article excerpt

A LEGAL loophole which will allow six violent and highly dangerous paedophiles to be released from prison without any supervision provoked a political storm today.

Home Office Ministers moved to quell mounting fury about the release of the men - who probation officers describe as "predatory and violent" - by pledging tougher steps to manage the danger.

The six men are said to be as dangerous as the notorious child killer Robert Oliver and are considered a high risk to children once they are released, a conference on sex offenders was told.

The police, probation service and NSPCC all joined forces today to call for a new national strategy to deal with the six paedophiles, and 144 other sex offenders, who are set to flood out of Britain's jails over the next two years escaping mandatory supervision because they committed their crimes before 1992.

That legal loophole has caused outrage with pressure building on the Government to urgently set-up a register of suspected serious sex criminals to track them. …