I'LL FIGHT TO KEEP BRIAN!; Murray Plans Showdown

Article excerpt

David Murray has summoned Brian Laudrup to the Channel Islands in a last ditch bid to keep him at Ibrox.

Murray will today offer the 28-year-old a wage deal in excess of pounds 4million over three years at the emergency summit in the Rangers chairman's holiday mansion.

It's a dramatic last-ditch effort by Murray to hold on to his club's

star player - just as he clinches the signing of ace Juventus defender Sergio Porrini.

Porrini arrived in Scotland yesterday to finalise a four-year deal as Laudrup was locked in talks with new Ajax boss Morten Olsen in Copenhagen.

Laudrup will fly out this morning to meet Murray who is vowing to do everything in his power to scupper Olsen's pounds 4.5million deal.

Murray told me: "Brian and I will meet to sort out this situation amicably, although I don't believe there are any bad feelings between us.

"This as an opportunity to see if Brian is willing to stay with Rangers in view of the changes that are happening at Ibrox this summer.

"I am hopeful we can sort something out and we will be doing our best to keep him.

"But we must also remember that, whatever happens, what is best for Brian Laudrup is also best for Rangers."

Murray is intent on one last major play to convince Laudrup his future is in Glasgow.

He will detail plans of his revolution and the string of new arrivals he hopes will be in place as early as next week.

He believes the identity of these stars and the scale of his ambition will do just as much to sway Laudrup as the massive cash offer. …