RECORD VIEW; Boy Blunder Fails Again

Article excerpt

The Scottish Tories needed Batman to swoop to their rescue. Instead, they got Boy Blunder - William Hague.

After the Mayday Massacre, they needed leadership and inspiration. All they got was Mr Vague's meanderings.

And a guarantee that they will spend years in the political wilderness. Their new leader's dogged adherence to a "No, No" devo campaign makes sure of that.

Their "conference" - if that's what it was - proved the Scottish Tories can't, or won't, change.

They're still the same old arrogant, we-know-better-than-the-people party.

They'll continue to be scorned and ignored as they were on May 1. Because they have nothing new to say - and neither has their "new" leadership.

The Perth speech was Hague's first test as party leader. And he failed it miserably.

She's a winner

TAKE a letter, Mrs Gilbert. You're a secretary in a million - or two!

Typical boss Maurice Mogg got his secretary Donna Gilbert to buy his Lottery ticket.

And, like a typical boss, he forgot all about it for 11 weeks - until he realised he'd got the winning numbers.

Donna might have lost the ticket, thrown it away or even cashed it in herself. …