Politics: Terrorism Still a Real Threat Says Ingram

Article excerpt

Security Minister Adam Ingram confirmed yesterday that there was still a danger of terrorism in Northern Ireland.

This was borne out, he said, by the fact that the RUC had had to warn Sinn Fein representatives and others involved with their movement of threats to their lives.

The minister voiced the warning after being urged by Gerry Adams to see that more detailed information was given to people who had been advised by the police of loyalist death threats.

The Sinn Fein chief, who asked him to investigate a possible leak of security files and whether there had been collusion between security force members and loyalist death squads, said: "In the last six or seven weeks, upwards of 20 people have been contacted by the RUC and told that their lives are in danger - people in south Derry, Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh and north Belfast."

One or two of those under threat were Sinn Fein councillors but, as far as he knew, others had no connection with the party.

He said he told the minister that such people needed and deserved more information.

Over recent years, almost 2,000 nationalists had been warned that their files or information about them were in the possession of loyalists, he said.

Mr Adams said after the meeting that he was calling on those under threat from death squads to contact the RUC, through their local representatives or solicitors, to press for more details. …