The Marriage FILES; L 9 out of 10 Newlyweds Expect Their Marriage Will Last Forever; L1 in 3 Unfaithful Men Have Affair in the First Year; L1 in 5 Women Find Marriage Disappointing; L 4 in 10 Divorced Women Were Hit by Their Husbands; L2 in 5 Straying Wives Cheated through Boredom

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l2 in 10 wives say the fun has left their lives

Forget the image of the long-suffering wife who will turn a blind eye to her husband's infidelity rather than lose him.

Today's liberated brides would rather ditch him. Or better still, go out and find a lover just to spite him.

For today we reveal the truth about marriage in Britain as our divorce rate soars to the highest in Europe, with 41 per cent of weddings failing.

In one of the most extensive surveys ever conducted, we questioned hundreds of men and women nationwide to uncover their attitudes to love, sex, marriage and infidelity.

We found out that for many couples, the cracks start to appear before the confetti has been swept away and the photographs developed.

One of the most startling results from our in-depth poll is the role of wife. She will no longer "put up and shut up". Without the social stigma attached to divorce, and with women less likely to be financially dependent on their spouse, a little dalliance is likely to lead straight to court.

More than two thirds of divorces are now instigated by women and more than half because of their partner's infidelity. And grooms who think that once the wedding party is over, they can go back to Saturday nights out with the lads and afternoons at the football, should think again. …