Monday Books: Scots-Irish through the Centuries

Article excerpt

Intertwined Roots : An Ulster-Scot Perspective by W. A. Hanna. Published by Columba Press, Dublin. pounds 7.99.

THE Scots-Irish diaspora in books usually finds expression more in the religious, cultural and social ethnicity of the hardy folk who moved from lowland Scotland to Ulster in the 17th century, and subsequently to the American frontier in the 18th century.

W. A. Hanna, in this work, devotes a large section of his book - six of the nine chapters to the conflict which the Scots-Irish population has been confronted with in the Troubles of the past 30 years.

And, while the narrative is a useful contribution to the subject of Scots-Irish influence on life in this Province, it must be compared with other publications by seasoned observers dealing directly with the political and security upheavals in the Province over the past three decades. A detailed historical work it certainly is not!

Hanna, a retired consultant surgeon and liberal unionist with leisure interests in history and geology, does refer to the early links with Scotland, and outlines a slimmed-down history of the Scots-Irish people since - in their natural homeland, in Ulster and in America. …