Bolshie Bosses a Big Turn-Off

Article excerpt

Whether you are Geri Halliwell, Michael Heseltine or Bob Ayling, there comes a stage in everyone's job when they reach their last straw., a provider of online recruitment solutions, has delved into the employee psyche to discover the key factors which finally prompt people to move jobs in the Midlands.

The research shows high employment turnover, with a third of workers in the region moving jobs simply because they felt unhappy.

While mediocre salary levels and long working hours are accepted by many as the norm, the top trigger to moving jobs was employees' poor relationships with their boss. claims that more than 40 per cent of people under 24 move jobs because they are unhappy. And 26 per cent of Midlanders realised they were unhappy with their job and decided to make a move within one month of starting work. That said, nearly a third of the 45-54 age bracket take more than a year to make their decision to leave.

Women were found to snap more quickly than men in the last-straw stakes.

While employees are prepared to accept long working hours and their current salary levels, they will not put up with poor relationships with their boss.

Managers' behaviour, attitudes and personality could well be becoming the main bottleneck to the retention of talented individuals.

Respondents were found to place great importance on more emotional psychological aspects of employment rather than the material factors. …