Whitney Free of Drugs Rap

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PROSECUTORS in Hawaii have decided not to press charges against Whitney Houston.

Airport security guards allegedly found marijuana in Whitney's bag last January. The Hawaii prosecutor's office has turned the case back over to police, but the likelihood of any further action is remote.

In January, a security guard at Kona International Airport asked Whitney to open her bag when she and her husband, singer Bobby Brown, stopped at an airport security checkpoint.

The guard reportedly found and seized 15.2 grams of marijuana inside the bag, and though security officers attempted to prevent the couple from leaving, the two left the bag behind and boarded a United Airlines flight for San Francisco before police arrived.

The airport's security guards work for a private firm and did not have the authority to arrest the star because her crime was unrelated to airport security.

Friend hits back

SO, the news is that the stars of Friends are getting paid a small fortune, but 'Ross' denies all the rumours surrounding the payrise.

The story circulating was that the stars of the world famous sit com were holding producers NBC to ransom to the tune of $1 million per Friend per episode.

Now David Schwimmer has put the record straight. 'When I hear figures like that I get a little upset, it reflects poorly on the cast. People get this idea that we are this group of spoiled actors demanding ridiculous amounts of money. It's all rumour.'

Schwimmer was calling from the back of a chauffeur-driven car when he contacted a London television show. A spokesman for BBC's 'London Live' said the show's interviewers thought the call was a hoax at first.

'He called up on the way to work after he heard our breakfast report,' she said. 'Initially, the interviewers didn't quite believe it was him.'

The actor is in London filming a TV movie for HBO. Each member of the cast is currently getting $95,000 per episode, and they've been rumoured to be getting pay increases that will net them closer to $250,000 - about pounds 160,000.



HAFTER much confusion, the chiefs at ABC in the States have agreed to broadcast Leonardo DiCaprio's chat with President Bill Clinton.

The network will broadcast 'a small portion' of the environmental discussion between the two during an Earth Day special on April 22.

The folks at the channel reckon that the 25-year-old Titanic star was an ideal spokesperson to excite young minds about the programme's environmental message.

A host of prominent interviewers criticised the network's decision to enlist an actor for a high profile interview. Initially ABC had intended for Clinton to lead Leo on a tour of the new, green-friendly White House, highlighting features such as energy-efficient lightbulbs.

Leo's visit had turned into an interview at the president's urging. White House chiefs insisted they'd been told an interview was on the agenda when the telly bosses thought there would be more viewer appeal.

YOU'D think that Huey Lewis would welcome the chance of a comeback, but it seems not!

The eighties star has pulled his 1986 hit 'Hip To Be Square' from the soundtrack album to 'American Psycho' but not because of the film's graphic violence, his manager insists.

Soundtrack distributor Koch Records announced this week it had recalled some 100,000 copies of the disc, saying Huey objected to the slash-'em-up scenes in the controversial new film.

'As a result of the violent nature of the film, Huey Lewis' management decided not to give soundtrack clearance,' was the statement.

But Bob Brown, manager of Huey Lewis and the News, disputes the story. He claims Huey never even saw the film and only agreed to have the song used in the movie, not on a soundtrack record.

New versions of the soundtrack, featuring the likes of New Order, the Cure and Eric B and Rakim will be available soon. …