Kennedy Club Promotes Peace Students Reward Conflict Resolution

Article excerpt

Lisle teacher Louise Huffman is doing what she can to help her students deal with the prevalence of violence in schools.

Last year's tragedy at Columbine High School in Colorado, she said, was the driving force behind the formation of the PeaceKeypers Club at Kennedy Junior High.

"Last year, after the Columbine tragedy, our kids were wringing their hands and worrying," said Huffman, a sixth-grade language arts and math teacher. "There were a lot of conversations about Columbine the next day. If you're really worried about something, you need to take positive action."

She led the effort to organize the group that works to promote peace and reward conflict resolution.

The PeaceKeypers Club, she said, has a membership of about 30 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students who meet each week after school.

Since the club started, she said, "a lot of good things have happened."

Twenty students were each cited for "solving a problem in a peaceful way or encouraging a friend to solve it in a peaceful way" with the club's Peace Awards. Huffman said winners, nominated by teachers, received goodie bags full of pens and candy. …