City Hires Directors for Two Key Departments Spots in Public Works, Human Resources Filled

Article excerpt

After months of searching nationally for a new public works director, Naperville found its man in city hall.

Edward Gifford of Carol Stream will take over the public works department March 27, moving from the public utilities department where he has worked since 1989.

The public works director position became vacant last spring when the city divided the department in two. Former public works director David Barber moved over to head the newly created transportation and engineering department.

Gifford will oversee the day-to-day business of the public works department, including plowing, street repairs, brush and leaf pickup, and other operations.

"I like getting in where the work is being done, and I think that's where my experience is, working with people and creating an identity for the public works department," Gifford said.

In public utilities, Gifford was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the electric distribution system. He managed a $2.8 million budget for his division. …