Christian Men's Group Meets to Celebrate a Common Faith

Article excerpt

For Art Rodriguez, language once was a barrier to feeling a part of a larger church community.

For Ken Bentsen, his church indoctrination once was a barrier to feeling a part of a larger community.

Whatever their previous obstacles, 115 men from 15 different Fox Valley churches gathered to sing, pray and celebrate their common faith Saturday morning at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in St. Charles.

"I truly believe there's only one church body," said St. Charles church member Bob Krause, director of the men's ministry program at Bethlehem Lutheran. "We all worship one God. I don't think He sees Catholic or Methodist or Lutheran. He sees us as his family."

Krause spearheaded the Tri-Cities interdenominational men's breakfast, which is the first for a new men's fellowship called Impassioned Men Practicing All Christ's Teachings.

Similar to, but not affiliated with, the nationwide Promise Keepers ministry, IMPACT focuses on helping men be better husbands, fathers and church members.

"Men need to know they're doing the right thing," said Steve Hauck, parishioner at St. John Neumann Church in St. Charles.

Methodists, Lutherans, Catholics and Baptists from Montgomery to St. …