Internet Filters Cook Library Board Adopts Policy to Limit Access at Computers

Article excerpt

Residents were able to sway Cook Memorial Library board members Tuesday to put filters on some Internet computers.

The library board passed a policy 5-1 to restrict Internet access, with board member Joe Bean voting to table the issue.

A crowd of about 90 people turned out - forcing the meeting to be moved across the street to the civic center.

"I find it interesting it's even an issue," Brenda Ahrendt of Libertyville said in support of filtering. "It's a matter of decency, not free speech."

Libertyville resident Nancy Dick, who advocated putting filters on all of the library's computers, said she is a social worker who has witnessed how pornography can harm children exposed to it at an early age.

"You could be harming one of our children or influencing an adult in this community," she said. "It's contrary to what Libertyville stands for."

However, Mary Morello of Libertyville said parents should be in charge and that free speech should be protected.

"Parents need to take responsibility for their children. Free speech is a part of all our heritage and it is a right."

The new policy also says parents have a responsibility for information selected in the library by their children. …