COD, Professors Work on New Pact Instructors Have Seven 'Interests' Besides Pay This Time Around

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Full-time professors at the College of DuPage who are negotiating a five-year contract with the Glen Ellyn community college say talks kicked off without a hitch.

Teams from both sides met at the bargaining table for the first time last week to set an agenda and timetable for labor negotiations.

The faculty's current pact, signed in 1995, expires at the end of June. In 1998, the college's board of trustees re-negotiated portions of the agreement, because it contained "reopening" language for salary, fringe benefits, staff development and retirement provisions.

Over the course of the five-year contract, base pay at COD rose from $26,734 to $30,132 a year, and top pay grew from $69,663 to $79,500 for full-time professors.

Al Santini, chief negotiator for the 301 members of the faculty association, said the group is bringing forward seven "interests" in addition to base salary this time around.

The issues, based on faculty surveys taken last spring, were culled from 14, he said.

Last Wednesday both parties brought issues to the table in a format called "interest-based collective bargaining," a method that proved successful in 1995 and 1998, Santini said.

Those negotiations paved the way to smoother relations with the board after a string of contentious labor disputes, he said. …