Breast Cancer, Depression Top List of Kane Women's Health Concerns

Article excerpt

Fox Valley women think breast cancer and depression are two of the biggest health problems their sex faces in Kane County, according to a survey a new women's health group released Tuesday.

Nearly two-thirds of women surveyed indicated breast cancer is a serious problem while 62 percent put depression in the same category.

The results were part of a survey done late last year by the Kane County Women's Health Conference, a group formed to tackle health issues that affect women.

About 1,200 surveys were distributed by group members to other women at hospitals, churches, community meetings and other places. The group says 471 women filled out and returned the 167-question survey, a decent return rate by survey standards.

The survey also showed that 55.4 percent of women surveyed think substance abuse is a serious problem and 56.7 percent list domestic violence in the same category.

Theresa Heaton, the county health department's director of personal health, said the results are not scientific but do give a picture of what the concerns are.

The group paid for the survey with part of a $30,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Donations from hospitals and other group members will help pay for an upcoming series of forums. Heaton said the group already is working on getting more grants to pay for its second year and beyond.

The group will spend the rest of the year figuring out which issues to tackle first and putting together a list of health resources for women throughout the county.

"There are a lot of resources out there," said Kay Catlin, a member of the new group. …