Carol Vorderman's Internet Column: Making a Click Getaway; PLANNING YOUR TRIP ON THE WEB Mirror. Co.UK

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GOING away for Easter? Want to do some pre-hols research? Forget lugging heavy guide books.

Log on to the Net and check the latest and most up-to-date information on your destination.

From what the weather has in store, maps to help you get around easily to details on currency and the opinions of fellow travellers - it's all out there and just a simple click away.

GUIDEBOOKS: Travel guides that are out of date by the time you book your trip are a thing of the past with services like publisher Lonely Planet's Upgrades at their website

Every six months or so critical information such as flights, the political situation, border-crossing alterations and much more are updated for 41of their guides.

Eventually all their guides will have the service.

New editions which feature the Upgrade service have "WWW" on the spine.

And if you click on the site's The Scoop icon you can see the latest news on where you're going, which is updated weekly.

Rough Guides offer a similar service at www.rough

They email you a weekly newsletter with up-to-date travel information, or you can take a look at Travel Talk, where travellers post comments from around the globe.

Selected guidebooks are also produced in their entirety on the web.

If you're off on a spring city break, check out, which has details of more than 30 great cities worldwide.

It's spot on if you want to see who's in concert in New York this week.

MAPS: Buying a map of your desired destination can be costly and it could be out of date - so surf for a recent one.

If you go to and click on "Maps" just about anywhere you want to go is featured and you can zoom right in to street level.

If you're London bound, avoids the hassle of carting a hefty A-Z around and has roadmaps of the rest of Great Britain. You can find a general location by postcode too

But if you're going somewhere really obscure, take a look at uk/daily/resources . Just type in the name of the place and up pops the map. It also has a clever "zoom in/out" facility too.

ADVICE AND INFO: Instead of hanging on the phone waiting to speak to embassies or the Foreign Office, check out

There's lots of useful information from the latter about potentially dangerous places, weather warnings and visa requirements.

To find out about medication and possible health risks, see www. …