Prosecutors Won't File Criminal Charges against Rescue Team in Death of Man

Article excerpt

DuPage County prosecutors will not bring criminal charges against Hanover Park police and fire personnel for the death last October of 26-year-old Eric Stetter, officials said Friday.

Assistant State's Attorney Michael Wolfe, chief of the criminal bureau in DuPage, said Friday Stetter's death - during an epileptic seizure - was not the result of criminal conduct by police or paramedics.

But whether rescuers followed proper medical procedure Oct. 9, 1999, is a question civil lawyers will pose in a pending federal lawsuit brought by Stetter's family against seven Hanover Park police officers, five paramedics and an Illinois state trooper.

Hanover Park Police Chief Ron Moser, who asked the DuPage County Sheriff's Department to investigate the incident, said Friday he was happy with the prosecutors' decision.

"I'm glad this statement was made, because the officers know, and I know, that no type of criminal wrongdoing occurred," Moser said.

Dennis DeCaro, an attorney representing Stetter's family in the federal lawsuit, said the DuPage decision will have little effect on the civil case.

"There are different standards involved" in civil and criminal cases, he said. …