Hello, It's Me: A Tear-Jerker about a Dad, a Son and a Time Warp

Article excerpt

Early in "Frequency," a young boy stumbles on an old ham radio buried deep in the closet of a cop named John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel). "So this is what people used before the Net, huh?" Well, ham radios never worked quite like this. Sullivan starts tinkering with the radio, and--because of the aurora borealis that's glowing gorgeously over his house--he happens upon a rip in the time-space continuum. He's chatting with a fireman named Frank (Dennis Quaid), when he realizes it's his old man, who died when he was a kid. Frank's sitting in the same house--except it's 30 years earlier, and he's waiting to see how the Mets will do in the '69 World Series. John knows exactly how the Mets will do. He also knows his dad will die in a fire within 24 hours.

OK, so "Frequency's" premise sounds hokey, and you do wince a little when you realize what sort of trip the movie intends to take you on. But director Gregory Hoblit ("Primal Fear") has made a touching thriller, a movie that's particularly hard to resist if there are things you never said to your own dad because you didn't have the chance, the inclination or the right ham radio. …