Book Reviews Enchanting Tale of Determination and Friendship

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Fancy a good read? The students of Edgbaston High School for Girls did and so turned their talents to book reviewing to give their verdict on some of the latest teenage books to reach the shelves.

Title: The Raging Quiet

Author: Sherryl Jordan

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Price: pounds 7.99

THIS is a touching and enchanting story set in mediaeval times when deaf people were considered mad and anything not understood was known as witchcraft.

The story tells how a girl called Marnie befriends the village 'madman' Raven who, she discovers, is deaf, not mad.

She makes up a way of talking to him and they become good friends. The villagers misunderstand her hand signs for witchcraft and she is tried.

This a story of determination and friendship, a good read and hard to put down.

It is ideal for teenagers and young adults who want an easy read in bed with a cup of cocoa.


Brilliant story

Title: The Raging Quiet

Author: Sherryl Jordan

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Price: pounds 7.99

UNPUTDOWNABLE! This book makes you live with the people as events happen. Your emotions are played with and you feel that you know the characters. We recommend this to teenagers and upwards.

Sherryl Jordan has a brilliant style of writing that can be enjoyed by anyone not necessarily interested in history. A great book, brilliant.


Battle for survival

Title: Floodland

Author: Marcus Sedgwick

Publisher: Dolphin

Price: pounds 4.50

IMAGINE England almost completely covered by water, with only a few places existing as islands.

This is the world in which Zoe lives, alone and desperate on the island of Norwich. She manages to flee to the dangerous Eels Island, whose ragged inhabitants are controlled by the strange Dooby.

In this gripping and dramatic book Zoe begins to wonder if her courage and determination will be enough for her as she fights her battle for survival.


Challenging journey

Title: River Boy

Author: Tim Bowler

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Price: pounds 3. …