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I read the article on the guy who goes by the name Beck [May '00], and I find it very difficult to accept that anyone in their right mind can acknowledge a name that belongs to a living legend in the music world. Jeff Beck is the only one with the right to that name, and any true guitar player knows that. If someone called themselves Clapton or Hendrix, would we find it acceptable? I think not. I know the guy using the Beck name [Ed. Note: Beck's name is Beck Hansen] is currently very popular, but Guitar Player has always had integrity and acknowledged true musicians--until lately. Maybe I'm behind the times, but I think you lose some credibility when you put people like Beck, Robert Smith, and Meredith Brooks on your covers--unless all you're trying to do is sell more copies. I've been a subscriber for years, and I know I speak for more than myself, so please keep your integrity and be true to real guitar fans.

Ron Senior

San Jose, CA

My subscription lapsed a while back, but after checking out your May issue, I'm renewing. I never expected to see one of my all-time favorite guitarists--Lyle Workman--taking the spotlight. Thanks for interviewing him as part of your Beck cover story.

Adam McIntyre

Nashville, TN

It seems your magazine is hell-bent on turning away your guitarist readers these days. A cover story on Robert Smith last month, and now Beck on the May cover? What's next--"The Guitar Genius Behind the Backstreet Boys" and "Ricky Martin's Guitar Tour de Force"? I'm sure you have a "Raging-Limp-Korn" cover story planned next, right?

What happened to featuring guitarists who actually appeal to other guitarists? Come on GP, you did a story on Warren Haynes in April, but didn't put him on the cover. When has Dave Matthews, Jonny Lang, or Doyle Bramhall II been on your cover? How about some current information on Vince Gill or Eric Clapton--remember them?

Crash Kamer

Natrona Heights, PA

Kid Rock

I loved your story on Kenny Olson and Jason Krause of Kid Rock [Apr. '00]. It was interesting to find out how one of my favorite bands was formed. I was really amazed what Kenny Olson had to play during the recording of Devil Without a Cause. I love Kid Rock--keep those articles coming.

Dana Twigg

via Internet

The Diversity Issue

The guitar universe is rapidly expanding, and GP is doing a wonderful job keeping guitarists involved and current with all styles. In fact, a 7-string guitarist gigging with a DJ and a pogoing howler could learn a great deal from Sharon Isbin. All music is enriched by cross-pollination. You are fulfilling a vital role, and doing it with style, grace, and humor. …