THE CRUSH HOUR; Hundreds of Drivers Queue to Trade in Bangers for Bus Passes

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THE traditional image of a driver spending a quiet Sunday polishing his much-loved motor took a real battering yesterday.

Scots queued up to watch their cars being crushed - in exchange for a free bus pass worth pounds 570.

There were extraordinary scenes at the scheme's launch in Glasgow, where drivers had to be turned away after 120 cars were scrapped.

Bus giants Firstgroup also set up crushers in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. And all the ex- drivers received a pat on the back from environmentalists.

Hairdresser Odette Nielson, 26, from Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, waited patiently for 20 minutes to trash her C-reg Volkswagen Polo, which had been round the clock twice, recording more than 200,000 miles.

She explained: "It's been a loyal servant and I feel a bit sorry to see it going to the cars' graveyard like this but it's now more convenient and cheaper for me to travel by bus. This pounds 570 buss pass allows me to travel back and forward into Glasgow for one year."

Ann Toland, from Glasgow, didn't think twice about the opportunity to ditch her G reg Austin Maestro which has covered 170,000 miles.

She said: "It was getting to the stage I was scared to drive it as there was so much going wrong with the damn thing. Now I'm just going to let the bus take the strain."

Donald Fletcher, from Glasgow, also left his Volkswagen Polo - with 130,000 miles loyal service - to the scrappie.

He said: "The car was off the road for seven months and it kept breaking down. This is a great deal."

Tracey Macmillan, from Glasgow, was so in love with her old car she named him "Shug The Nova". …