Gay `Power' Backs Democrats

Article excerpt

Money from the nation's homosexual corporate power brokers is flowing into Democratic Party coffers.

The Gay Financial Network's so-called Power 25 "most influential out gay and lesbian executives in corporate America" and two leading pro-homosexual political action committees gave more than $1.2 million to Democrats through April 30.

A handful of Republicans - including presidential candidate George W. Bush and former presidential candidate John McCain - reaped just $34,000 from the gay activist leaders, previously known in the popular press as "the velvet mafia."

More than half the money, all but $2,000 to Democrats, was donated by three of the Gay Financial Network's Power 25 homosexual executives - Tim Gill, developer of the popular graphics software program, QuarkXPress; David Geffen, producer of Oscar-winning "American Beauty" from Hollywood's DreamWorks film studio; and Scott K.H. Bessent, chief investment strategist for the Soros Fund and $15 billion Quantum Group of Funds.

The donations do not include money given for the Democratic National Committee's $26.5 million fund-raiser held May 24 at Washington's MCI Center. Those contributions have not yet been officially reported.

The Human Rights Campaign Fund, whose executive director, Elizabeth M. Birch of Chevy Chase, is one of GFN's Power 25, gave $308,976 to Democratic candidates and $24,000 to Republicans. Miss Birch was described by GFN as "the most powerful lesbian in the political arena." She personally gave $20,000 to Democrats.

Her lesbian domestic partner, Hilary B. Rosen, president of the Recording Industry Association of America, gave $12,000 to Democratic congressional candidates and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The GFN described Miss Birch and Miss Rosen as "the quintessential power couple . . . two of the most visible women in Washington, with access to the top leaders in the country, including Bill Clinton and Al Gore. . . . They count the Gores amongst their best friends."

The homosexual network's Web site ( honored the corporate executives last December for pro-homosexual advocacy and advances for gay causes within their corporations.

"Besides being gay or lesbian, we deemed it important that each person who was being considered for the Power 25 be publicly out about their sexual orientation," said founder Walter B. Schubert, the first openly gay seated member on the New York Stock Exchange, in announcing the list. "This helps to reinforce the positive aspects of such gay and lesbian role models and corporate influence."

Mr. Schubert gave $15,400 to the Democratic National Committee for the 2000 election campaign and $1,500 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The GFN Web site provides daily news and commentary with a pro-homosexual slant, including political analysis that generally favors Democrats. …