3 Agreements Signed with US Rice Growers; Angara Cites Giant Step for Agriculture

Article excerpt

Three landmark agreements for agriculture counter-trade have been signed by the government with a California agricultural group to open the vast United States market to Philippine-produced rice and other major domestic products, Agriculture Secretary Edgardo J. Angara said yesterday.

The Rice Growers Association of California (RGAC) signed three memorandums of understanding with the Department of Agriculture (DA), the City of Puerto Princesa, and the Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Association (Philfodex), an organization of leading Filipino food exporters.

"The agreements represent a giant step for Philippine agriculture," said Angara.

Under its agreement with the DA, the California rice group agreed to grow rice domestically for the California market. The group will pour investments and bring in the necessary technologies to make the rice production venture successful.

The California group, represented byWolliam Ludwig, president and chief executive officer, also agreed to promote other agriculture and fishery exports to the United States.

The DA committed to help the California group in developing counter-trade programs with local partners and facilitate the transfer of goods, technologies, and information between the two parties. …