Geometry Question Quest Card Set and Game Board

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Geometry Question Quest Card Set and Game Board, gr. 4-6. Board, 30 self-adhesive vinyl labels, storage box, $34.95; set of question-and-answer cards and instructions, $18.50. NASCO Fort Atkinson, 901 Janesville Ave., Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901, (800) 558-9595.

Geometry Question Quest is a mathematics game designed to help students review the basic concepts of geometry. The kit consists of a durable plastic gameboard with thirty compartments. A set of 150 question-and-answer cards covers the following categories: perimeter, area, and volume; polygons; space figures; lines; angles; and circles. Enough cards are included to play the game five times without repeating a question.

The game works much like Jeopardy. It can be played with two to six players or teams. The first player picks a category and point value, and the teacher reads the question in the form of an answer. To respond to the question, the players must raise their hands or ring a bell. It is sometimes very difficult for the game leader to decide who really rang the bell or raised a hand first. …