PBS MATHLINE: Elementary School Math Project

Article excerpt

PBS MATHLINE: Elementary School Math Project, 1997. Eight videotapes and lesson guides, $299. PBS, 1320 Braddock P1., Alexandria, VA 22314, (800) 344-3337; www.pbs.org/pbsvideo.

PBS has created for grades 1--5 a supplemental mathematics program that will support the NCTM's Standards and challenge the thinking of students. The program consists of a notebook containing twenty-four lessons and eight supporting videotapes demonstrating those lessons. The videotapes elaborate on the lesson plan and show how mathematical topics grow in depth as children develop mathematically over the grades. Twelve of the lessons are geared to K--2 students and twelve are designed for grades 3--5, with several lessons overlapping individual grade levels. In the videotapes, eighteen different teachers demonstrate and describe lessons and teaching strategies as they work with students in their classrooms. The goal of the program appears to be to give teachers mathematically appropriate lessons into which are embedded sound instructional decisions and strategies. The focus is on developing a topic from introductory to more complex levels using motivational techniques that will encourage mathematical thinking skills and language development, reinforce student learning, and support alternative assessments. …