Internet Cos. Eager to Survive Thru Strategic Alliances, M&As

Article excerpt

With the Internet market bound to require corporation restructuring, as illustrated with the recent en masse collapses of marginal venture companies, a growing number of companies have recently begun to seek ways to survive the harsh business climate through alliances.

Many enterprises, both on-line and off-line, feeling the heat of the looming major change on the market, are even considering mergers and acquisitions from a long-term perspective.

Conventional marketers are exploring cooperative ties with cyber shopping mall companies while e-business firms are endeavoring to secure quality members through joint venture ties with other relevant concerns.

Hansol CSN has recently established cooperative ties with Korea Management Consultation and Credit Rating Corporation (KMCC) to get a supply of credit information on member companies from the KMCC in a bid to secure high quality clients.

In order to provide information on shopping and securities, the company has also set up a business alliance with Samsung Securities, agreeing to settle commodity payments through Samsung's accounts and allow Samsung customers to use its Internet shopping sites.

Metaland has also allied itself with Bomhan Travel to provide its clients with chances for free trips in accordance with the level of their usage.

Best Now, an Internet communications service provider, has recently decided to offer integrated service for clients covering their e-mail and facsimile-related information, jointly with Dacom. …