Ahn Asks APEC Members Combat Digital Divide

Article excerpt

Mexico City (Yonhap) _ Korean Information and Communication Minister Ahn Byong-yub urged Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation countries to combat the international digital divide by setting up a special task force.

``The international digital divide, a frequently discussed issue in the international front these days, has great significance in terms of convergence between telecom and broadcast,'' Ahn said Thursday at the Fourth APEC Telecommunications and Information Ministerial Meeting in Mexico City.

He suggested the APEC Telecommunications Working Group (APEC TEL) oversee the task force and formulate a more intensified human resource development program to reduce the digital divide.

``Dispatching IT experts to developing economies to assist in Internet training and national policies, and inviting IT personnel to participate in highly professional programs from these member economies will help APEC be more networked in terms of IT human resources and maximize effects of regional cooperative projects of all sectors,'' he said.

He also said the TransEurasia high-speed information network project, a recently proposed initiative by President Kim Dae-jung to connect testbeds in Korea and Europe, will contribute to the seamless regional convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting. …