WOW WHAT"S ON WHERE; Madonna Is Strong-Willed but Lourdes Is the One Who Rules the Roost

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MADONNA has her critics - but the only one she listens to is her three-year-old daughter Lourdes.

While others kow-tow to the formidable singer, her little girl is a chip off the old block and has opinions she's happy to share.

So when friends wouldn't dare tell Madonna that her outfit is hideous or her make-up isn't right, little Lourdes is right there to tell it like it is.

Madonna laughed: "She's very, very fashion conscious. I don't think I was like that when I was younger.

"She has an opinion on what I wear every day and I find that very disconcerting. She'll say: 'That looks nice, mommy' or 'I don't like those shoes'. She always has an opinion and I listen to it - sometimes."

In just three months time, the 41-year-old singer will give birth to her second child.

She and boyfriend Guy Ritchie are excited about the birth - and so is Lourdes.

However, Madonna's little girl won't be letting her baby sister or brother take the spotlight away from her.

Madonna added: "Lourdes is incredibly strong-willed. She's an exhibitionist. She has a very sardonic sense of humour. She's dramatic."

Madonna is back on the big screen this week with a new film, Next Best Thing - her first film since Evita, three years ago.

She plays straight woman Abbie who has a child with gay man Rufus, played by real-life pal Rupert Everett.

Five years later, she falls in love with a straight man, played by Julia Roberts' boyfriend, Ben Bratt. Anasty custody case then follows when she tries to move away with her and Rufus' little boy, Sam.

In the film, Madonna's character is a yoga teacher. She said: "I based my character on my yoga teacher in Los Angeles.

"I have several teachers all over the world, but she's one of my favourites and I based the way I dress and how my house is decorated on her. I also became her assistant for a short while.

The film raises the question about who brings up kids and, as the woman who some say bedded Carlos Leon just to have Lourdes, Madonna doesn't think man/woman relationships are necessarily best. …