7 Days

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Book prize Brian Cathcart, the author of The Case of Stephen Lawrence, won the 1999 Orwell Prize for books. Cathcart wrote a weekly column for the New Statesman throughout the official inquiry into the teenager's death. The judges commended the book as a "meticulous and plain-spoken account of a racist murder which continues to haunt our society".

Self-defence The Tory leader, William Hague, accused Labour of failing to protect its citizens. In a blatant bid to exploit the imprisonment of the Norfolk farmer Tony Martin for murder, Hague pledged to revise the laws on self-defence, to increase police numbers and to get tough on burglars.

Teacher strike Delegates at the National Union of Teachers' annual conference voted to ballot members for a one-day strike "at the earliest opportunity in the summer term", against the pleas of the general secretary, Doug McAvoy, for more limited action.

Dame Shirley Porter In an article appearing in the New Statesman on 17 April 2000, there was a report of a remark made by Ken Livingstone under the heading "Ken the conquering hero comes". The article included the following passage: "The battle bus passed Westminster City Hall. …