I Pity Mick ... He'll Get No Satisfaction Having Flings; Jerry Hall on Why Walking out on Jagger Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Her

Article excerpt

FOR years, Jerry Hall had to suffer the humiliation of watching Mick Jagger's very public womanising.

Though the Rolling Stones star was often seen out with a string of beautiful, young women, Jerry fought to save their relationship.

But it was only when her own children began to mock her for staying with an unfaithful partner that Jerry finally came to her senses and realised she had to leave him.

While many women would have been crushed by such a public betrayal and hidden away to nurse their pride, Jerry seems to have grown in strength.

Almost a year since she officially split from the ageing rocker, she is happier than ever and says she now pities her ex.

Jerry will be stripping off her clothes every night when she appears in a production of The Graduate in London's West End later in the year.

The mum-of-four couldn't have mustered the confidence for the role before the split from Mick. Their nine-year marriage was annulled last year when it was declared their wedding ceremony in Bali had not been legal.

Mick, 56, who is currently in Scotland producing a movie, has a multi-million pound fortune, but according to Jerry, happiness still eludes him.

The pair had been together for more than 20 years, but throughout that time Mick was linked with actresses such as Uma Thurman and models such as Carla Bruni, Elle Macpherson, Peta Wilson, Jana Rajlich and, most recently Luciana Morad, mother of his new son, Lucas.

Jerry, who will be 44 next Sunday, says it was her children's reaction to Mick's womanising that finally forced her to demand a divorce.

And, in a frank interview, the Texan-born model admits: "The final straw was when my children began to take on a mocking, disrespectful tone.

"Then I thought 'Oh, oh, I'm setting a terrible example'. I was to blame because I tolerated a bad situation."

But, ever forgiving, Jerry says she's still friends with Mick and would even welcome his latest love child to the family.

She says: "I feel sorry for Mick. Sexual promiscuity just leads to chaos and you have to clear it up. I wish he'd find happiness, but I'm not churning inside about it."

Landing the job of middle-aged seductress Mrs Robinson on stage, ahead of the likes of Sharon Stone and Sigourney Weaver, couldn't have come at a better time. Mick's womanising ways had become just too public, culminating in the birth of his son Lucas 13 months ago to Brazilian model Luciana.

Former underwear model Luciana is now fighting for pounds 21,000 a month maintenance.

Jerry says: "It's not my problem. Mick has to sort it out. I have no animosity towards the baby, towards her.

"I said to Mick that any time he wanted to introduce the baby to our children, I would be supportive."

Jerry now appears much more confident since walking away from that relationship and landing the acting role is the cherry on the cake.

She says: "Having been a model for so long, I had a name for myself, but all that was a little overshadowed by being known so much as Mick's wife.

"But getting this job has been fabulous. I feel I'm getting back my sense of identity and self-esteem. …