Though No New Attacks Reported, Asian Women on Guard, Police Say

Article excerpt

It's been more than two weeks since the latest attack by a man who has been preying on Asian women in Chicago and the North and Northwest suburbs.

Since April, the man has impersonated a police officer, an FBI agent and a census worker to enter homes and sexually assault women on Chicago's North Side and in Niles, Mount Prospect, Skokie, Morton Grove and unincorporated Northfield Township.

Despite the current lull in the series of attacks, police officials stress the hunt for the man still is a priority, while Asian groups say community awareness continues to run high.

"You can't talk about it enough, there's always someone who might not know about it," said Grace Hou, executive director of the Chinese Mutual Aid Association. "He's still out there, he hasn't been caught."

Police departments are welcoming the break as a chance to catch their breath, look thoroughly at all leads and consider other avenues of investigation.

"Many times a lull helps us, it gives us an opportunity to rethink and catch up," said Mount Prospect police officer William A. Roscop, whose department handled the second attack May 1.

"When we are constantly hit by offenses, we end up being reactive, instead of proactive," he said.

The 17-day stretch since the man last struck in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood has not been the longest period between incidents. More than three weeks passed between the first and second attacks.

But the break has been intensely quiet in comparison to the week of frenzied activity that preceded it. …