New Books

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Aerosol Chemical Processes in the Environment
Kvetoslav R. Spurny
Boca Raton, FL: Lewis Publishers, 2000, 616 pp.
ISBN: 0-87371-829-1, $89.95

Applied Biocatalysis, 2nd Edition
Adrie J. J. Straathof, Patrick Adlercreutz, eds.
Newark, NJ: Gordon and Breach Publishers, 2000,
464 pp. ISBN: 90-5823-024-4, $54

Aquatic Effects of Acid Deposition
Timothy J. Sullivan
Boca Raton, FL: Lewis Publishers, 2000, 440 pp.
ISBN: 1-56670-416-2, $89.95

Bacterial Stress Responses
G. T. Stortz, R. Hengge-Aronis, eds.
Washington, DC: ASM Press, 2000, 500 pp.
ISBN: 1-55581-192-2, $122

The Chemistry of Environmental Tobacco Smoke:
Composition and Measurement, 2nd Edition
Michael R. Guerin, Roger A. Jenkins, Bruce Tomkins
Boca Raton, FL: Lewis Publishers, 2000, 488 pp.
ISBN: 1-56670-509-6, $79.99

Contaminant Hydrology: Cold Region Modeling
S. A. Grant, Iskandar K. Iskandar
Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2000.
ISBN: 1-56670-476-6, $79.95

Cytomegalovirus Protocols
John Sinclair, ed.
Totowa, NJ: The Humana Press, 1999, 184 pp.
ISBN: 0-89603-749-5, $69.50

Early Development of Xenopus laevis: A
Laboratory Manual
Hazel L. Sire, Robert M. Grainger,
Richard M. Harland
Cold Spring Harbor, NY: CSHL Press, 2000,
338 pp. ISBN: 0-87969-578-1, $150 (hardback);
0-87969-504-8, $93 (wirebound)

Ecological Integrity. Integrating Environment,
Conservation, and Health
David Pimentel, Laura Westra, Reed F. Noss, eds.
Washington, DC: Island Press, 2000, 375 pp.
ISBN: 1-55963-807-9, $70 (hardback);
1-55963-808-7, $35 (paperback)

Environmental Metal-Microbe Interactions
D. Lovley, ed.
Washington, DC: ASM Press, 2000, 450 pp.
ISBN: 1-55581-195-7, $139

Environmental Risk Management
Paul Pritchard
London: Earthscan Publications, 2000, 112 pp.
ISBN: 1-85383-598-6, $56

Evolutionary Wars: The Battle of Species on Land,
at Sea, and in the Air
Charles Kingsley Levy
New York: W. H. Freeman and Company, 1999,
300 pp. ISBN: 0-7167-3775-2, $16.95

Fungal Bioprocesses: Control and Applications
Brendlyn D. Faison, Michael Z. C. Hu
San Diego, CA: Academic Press, 2000, 500 pp.
ISBN: 0-12-247675-1, $58

Genes in the Field: On-Farm Conservation of
Crop Diversity
Stephen B. Brush, ed.
Ottawa, Canada: IDRC Books, 1999, 300 pp.
ISBN: 0-88936-884-8, $24

Health and the American Indian
Priscilla A. Day, Hilary N. Weaver, eds.
Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Medical Press,
1999, 88 pp. ISBN: 0-7890-0658-8, $49.95

Human Monitoring after Environmental
and Occupational Exposure to Chemical and
Physical Agents
D. Anderson, ed.
Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS Press, 2000, 350 pp.
ISBN: 90-5199-495-8, $114

Immunobiology of Bacterial CpG-DNA
R. W. Compans et al., eds.
Heidelberg, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 2000,
260 pp. ISBN: 3-540-66400-9, $159.95

Indirect Food Additives and Polymers: Migration
and Toxicology
Victor O. Sheftel
Boca Raton, FL: Lewis Publishers, 2000, 1,320 pp.
ISBN: 1-56670-499-5, $129. …