Oakton Community College Approves Higher Budget

Article excerpt

Oakton Community College officials approved a $67 million 2000- 2001 fiscal year budget that includes $2.5 million toward expansion of its Skokie campus.

In a 5-0 vote, with two trustees absent, the Oakton Community College board approved the new spending plan that's 5.9 percent higher than last year's $60.8 million budget.

The new budget includes an allocation for the $12.8 million expansion of the Raymond E. Hartstein campus in Skokie.

That expansion will be funded by $9.6 million from the state and a total of $3.2 million from Oakton by the time it is built.

The expansion, which will include new classrooms and expanded rooms for technology-related education, is set to be completed by January, 2003, officials said.

Oakton's vice president for business and finance David E. Hilquist said, however, the focus of the new budget is the college's spending on students.

"We're strong in students. That's where we put the dollars," he said.

According to Oakton's financial analysis, the college is spending 78.3 percent of its operating budget on student services compared to 66. …