The 7 Top Mail-Producing Zip Codes in Our Area

Article excerpt

Lake County communities are always growing, which means the amount of mail also increases.

From new home construction to more businesses, post offices are handling a growing number of letters, catalogs and business packages. In some communities, the increased volume has spurred construction of new postal facilities.

See how much mail the top seven most-populated ZIP code - using 1999 figures - handle, how these villages are changing and what they attribute to the growing amount of mail.

- Abby Scalf

Waukegan, 60085

Each week, Waukegan's post office, which employs 159 people, handles 500,000 pieces of mail through two branches. The main post office on Genesee Street serves the 60085 zip code, handling part of Waukegan and Park City. The Edison Square Post Office, named after Thomas Edison, handles the 60087 in parts of Waukegan and Beach Park.

Mike Colgrove, supervisor of customer service, said a majority of the city's mail is a result of large businesses, including Baxter, Allegiance and OMC.

"The brunt of our mail is business clients," he said. "The number of residential clients is on the low end."

Buffalo Grove, 60089

Buffalo Grove Postmaster Michael Wingstrom said his post office served 41,556 residents in 1999 and receives 300,000 pieces each week. The post office, which employs 108 people, handles 14,824 city deliveries including businesses and homes. Ghida Fahyouni, assistant village manager, said in addition to 700 retail and marketing businesses, many residents are attracted to the village for its diverse businesses, transportation links, schools, park district programs and the maintenance of the community.

Barrington, 60010

The Barrington post office, which served a population of 39,000 in 1999, handles 400,000 pieces of mail each day, postmaster Mark Nimerfroh said. There are two postal facilities, employing 120 people - one on Grove Avenue and the downtown station, which contains post office boxes. The post office serves nine towns: Barrington, Barrington Hills, Lake Barrington Shores, South Barrington, North Barrington, Deer Park, Tower Lake, part of Inverness and Fox River Valley Gardens. Nimerfroh attributes the high mail volume to the number of businesses in the area, and the fact higher income residents tend to generate higher amounts of mail.

Round Lake, 60073

The Round Lake Post Office, which delivers mail to Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights and Round Lake Park, handles 70,000 pieces of mail each day. This does not include several rural routes. In 1999, the population served by 60073 zip code was 36,352.

To accommodate the growing number of mail and routes, the post office's 47 employees moved last March into a new facility on Municipal Way. …