Dietary Supplements Also Form of Drug Abuse Geneva Police Arrest Man for Verve's Dangerous Side Effects

Article excerpt

Geneva police were called to Brittany Court Apartments Friday evening for what wasn't, on the surface, an unusual call.

A 23-year-old man, Jeremy J. Stewart, of 372 Melrose Ave., Aurora, had been visiting a friend there and the apartment pool lifeguard said he was acting obnoxiously, police said.

Not only was he hitting the windows of the clubhouse, he was biting himself, police said, and appeared intoxicated.

But what bothered police is what Stewart's friend told them: Stewart had been using Verve, a dietary supplement that he had bought over the Internet.

Because he was intoxicated on the supplement, Stewart was arrested and charged with unlawful use of intoxicating compounds, police said. He faces an Aug. 8 court date.

Stewart was treated and released Friday from Delnor-Community Hospital before he was charged.

After dealing with a wave of fatal ecstasy use and a rise in heroin use that has led to many area crimes, local law enforcement officials aren't surprised to see yet another drug rear its unwelcome head.

"We haven't had a lot of problems with it, but it's starting to show up in the area," Geneva police Lt. …