City Alert over Racist Groups; Police Warn of Drive for Recruits

Article excerpt

FAR Right organisations are targeting parts of Birmingham for recruitment and trying to incite racial hatred, it is feared.

Senior police officers say extremist groups including the National Front and Combat 18 are concentrating on areas which have a small proportion of the population from an ethnic background.

So far literature and slogans have been posted in the Stockland Green and Falcon Lodge areas of north Birmingham.

Most recently members of the National Front have been handing out leaflets in the Stockland Green area, and racist graffiti calling for white supremacy has been daubed on buildings in Brook Vale Park, Erdington.

Supt Rick Abbotts, of Queen's Road police station, said: 'We take any reports of racial harassment or racial attacks very seriously and we have a policy of investigating 100 per cent of all racist attacks.

'If people are coming in the community with the intention of stirring up racism or hatred we have to look at it.

'We need people to get in touch with us when they see people handing out these leaflets so we can deal with them, and see if they are likely to stir up race hatred. …