HOLED UP FOR 64 DAYS AND BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING; TV 10 Battle It out for Pounds 70k

Article excerpt

FIVE men and five women were locked up in a purpose-built house yesterday for a huge TV and net experiment.

They are being filmed for the next 64 days around the clock on six webcams for TV show Big Brother. Their antics will be screened live on the internet and in round-ups on Channel 4.

Human guinea pigs, Sada, 27, Nichola, 28, Melanie, 26, Caroline, 37, Anna, 29, Thomas, 30, Nicholas, 32, Darren, 22, Craig, 28, and Andrew, 23, were picked from 20,000 volunteers and are competing for pounds 70,000.

Each week the 10, all strangers, will vote for one or two of to be evicted.

Viewers will then have the final say about who goes. The first poll will be on Friday.

The only person left on September 15 will win the cash prize.

Marketing manager Andrew explained why he wanted to take part: "It combines all my interests: human anthropology, psychology, sociology, debating and competition. Plus all my mates reckon I'll be excellent entertainment value!"

Builder Craig confesses that he will miss his three dogs while he is away but added: "I just love any challenge."

Stockbroker Nicholas said he wants to find out "if I'm still as tolerant as I was at school".

Telephonist Caroline said: "I live my life in a very open book way and have nothing to be ashamed of.

"This will be a great experience and who knows where it will lead."

Melanie will miss her fake leopard skin coat but sees Big Brother as a learning experience. She said: "I will explore my weaknesses and build on my strengths."

The contestants, six from London, and the rest from Liverpool, Birmingham, Bolton and Northern Ireland, are free to leave at any time.

Channel 4 will start screening the housemates at 9pm on Tuesday with an hour long show presented by Davina McCall.

The 10 arrived at the house in North London yesterday clutching suitcase and bags of possessions. …