Specialized Law Firms Spring Up

Article excerpt

Lawyers have been joining forces to launch small and mid-sized law firms in the face of mounting pressures from corporate-style colossal law firms.

Such moves come amid reports that many individual lawyers have been suffering inancial woes, driven by the market domination of the corporate-style law firms.

Christian lawyers will launch ``Logos'' in early September. Recently retired j dges such as Yang In-pyong, former head of the Pusan High Court, Chon Yong-tae, former chief of t e Taegu District Court, and international lawyer Lee Hong-gil are spearheading the establishment of ``Logos.''

In addition to the three veteran lawyers, 12 other legal experts have already xpressed their intentions to join the new law firm.

Paek Hyun-gi, one of the 12 who intend to join Logos, said, "Even though it is a Christian law firm, we will work to defend justice as non-Christians if Christians are found wrong. We are determined to shed light on the judiciary world.''

Lawyers Kang Yong-seok, Kim Ju-young and Lee Sang-hoon launched a law firm ent tled ``Hannuri'' earlier this month along with Park Won-soon, one of the country's f remost civic movement leaders. During the April 13 general elections, the trio served as leg l advisers to the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, one of the most active civic o ganizations. …