Political Circle Mired in Rampant Conspiracy Theory

Article excerpt

The political circle is mired in a scathing war of words over the so-called behind-the-scene deals between the opposition Grand National Party (GNP) and the splinter United Liberal Democrats (ULD).

There was a rampant allegation that the GNP, in a sudden about-face from its earlier position, was positively considering granting the ULD a floor negotiating group status by lowering the number of lawmakers required to form an Assembly negotiating group to 15 from the current 20.

The behind-the scene deal allegations gained further momentum following the meeting of GNP president Lee Hoi-chang and ULD honorary president Kim Jong-pil on Saturday at a golf course in Kyonggi-do.

The Lee-Kim meeting was regarded by many as mending political relations, soured due to the GNP's turning a deaf ear to the ULD's persistent request of becoming a floor negotiating group.

The main trigger of the alleged secret deals was ULD acting president Kim Chong-hoh's remarks that GNP vice president Rep. Park Hee-tae told him that the GNP floated the idea of lowering the minimum requirement to 15.

Park's alleged remark touched off speculations that the GNP and the ULD could patch up their erstwhile differences and forge a political alliance with the GNP's tacit approval of the ULD's becoming a floor negotiating group. …