Understanding the Contemporary Middle East

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UNDERSTANDING THE CONTEMPORARY MIDDLE EAST Edited by Deborah J Gerner published by Lynne Rienner Publishers ISBN 1 55587 706 0 price 40.95 [pounds sterling] hardback ISBN 1 55587 725 7 price 16.50 [pounds sterling] paperback

Understanding the Contemporary Middle East draws on the expertise of more than a dozen scholars to create a truly interdisciplinary text that is up-to-date and student-friendly. Individual chapters introduce the key themes, controversies, and research within geography, history, economics, demography, politics, international relations, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, conflict resolution, religion, and literature. Although each chapter is intended to stand on its own, the various authors have consciously attempted to integrate their discussion so that the book functions as a unified entity.

It confronts directly the stereotypes that students often have about the Middle East and introduces one of the themes that is woven throughout this volume: the interaction between the ancient and the modern that is so much a part of the region. …