LAND ROVER CUT PRICES BY Pounds 3500; but We're Still Europe's Dearest

Article excerpt

LAND ROVER are slashing UK prices by up to 14 per cent - but they will still be the dearest in Europe.

Prices will tumble by up to pounds 3500 and new models will have extra features thrown in.

The move was welcomed by groups campaigning against "rip-off" UK car prices, but a Consumers' Association spokesman said it did not go far enough as buyers could still drive a better bargain in Europe.

He said: ""It is pressure, not corporate largesse, that has forced this change. It also begs the question about what the rest of Ford Europe is planning to do.

"Land Rover boss Mike Wright is correct when he says consumers want `straight no- nonsense price cuts'. Perhaps he should say it a bit louder to the boss of Ford UK - maybe then he will get the message."

A Competition Commission report in April said UK car buyers were paying 10 to 12 per cent more than those in other EU countries.

The report triggered some price cuts, but most were for a short time or on limited models. Land Rover insisted their cuts were "real and permanent". …