Ganntrader 3.0

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Ganntrader 3.0

Gannsoft Publishing Co.

806A Gillette Rd.

Colville, Wash. 99114-9647

(509) 684-7637


Complexity level: Intermediate

Overall rating: * * *

Price: $1,695

System requirements: DOS or DOS window in Windows 95/98 or NT 3.51/4.0. Minimum 8 MB RAM, VGA or Super VGA graphics. Epson compatible continuous form printer, LQ series or Stylus 1520 recommended. Commodity Systems Inc.'s CSI or CSI-M data, MetaStock format also is supported.

Some form of Gann analysis is available in nearly every technical analysis software package. Gann angles are the primary technique offered; however, this technique is just a small part of one of the most complex technical analysis disciplines ever developed. Many software packages appear to treat Gann angle analysis as just another token indicator -- most likely because it's an easy indicator to create and makes for good-looking charts with fancy lines and colors.

However, this is not the case with Ganntrader 3.0 software -- this program is the real deal when it comes to Gann analysis. Ganntrader 3.0 takes the complex topics covered in the numerous books and courses authored by W.D. Gann and turns them into easy-to-follow, useful trading analysis tools.

Installation and documentation: * * * *

Installation of Ganntrader 3.0 was a problem-free, simple process that was completed in less than five minutes. Documentation comes in the form of a glossy manual that includes full size charts and colorful graphics. Similar to a Readers Digest version of a Gann course, the manual clearly explains Gann concepts as well as the Ganntrader 3.0 program.

Charting and Analysis: * * * *

Charts play a major role in understanding how to use Gann techniques. Without the proper chart construction, all of Gann's mathematical concepts basically are useless. Ganntrader 3.0 allows the trader to create these charts properly and to test and verify each of Gann's techniques described in his books and courses. Those not familiar with these concepts can turn to the manual for the how and the why behind Gann theory, and then properly design the charts necessary for the analysis.

Some of the major charting features include the ability to: display up to 1,200 price bars with unlimited zoom capacity; project blank grids with angles, squares or planets out to future dates; chart both calendar and trading day charts; and control the chart grid and its patterns.

Once the proper charts have been created, the trader can apply analysis techniques ranging from the simple Gann swing charts to the more complex Gann squares. Each technique is described in great detail in the manual. Although Gann angle analysis is available in numerous software packages, the angles usually are drawn incorrectly. Ganntrader 3.0 offers the most complete and accurate Gann angle software package available. …